The Singularity Witness by Dan Grant

Book Summary:

The Singularity Witness. What happens when a radical technology ushers in an ominous future? Governments and corporations will kill to control it. So murder and abduction are just the beginning.

When a clandestine research lab disposes of its test subject and kidnaps a U.S. Senator to protect its secrets, those events trigger a federal investigation. The covert program requires the services of Thomas Parker, a Princeton University professor and cutting-edge neurologist, to deliver its breakthrough achievement. And FBI Special Agent Kate Morgan needs Parker to help her infiltrate the secret lab.

What they don’t know is that the senator’s abduction was orchestrated by Stewart Richards, who is obsessed with creating The Frontier–neurological singularity. To Richards, no sacrifice is too great for a cause that brings him world-wide recognition and unravels the mysteries of the mind.

Together, Parker and Morgan are faced with the dilemma of advancing the revolutionary technology in order to solve the senator’s abduction, save The Singularity Witness and others, and survive.

The Singularity Witness plays off “what if” scenarios facing current medical and biological research endeavors. Some of these initiatives may fundamentally change social and geopolitical landscapes forever.

What is neurological singularity? Who is The Singularity Witness? Read the book to find out.

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Hollywood Book Review:

Dan Grant has taken some of the world’s most controversial ideas surrounding medicine and technology and transformed them into a carefully crafted, slick thriller that is without a doubt one of the most pioneering books to come out in 2018.

A sinister biological research organization is using humans as test subjects to advance their hidden agenda. When Princeton University Professor Thomas Parker suddenly finds himself caught in the middle of a harrowing scheme, it becomes clear that this secret organization is dead-set on exploiting his prized research for their own gain. To make matters worse, a U.S. Senator has been kidnapped, igniting a widespread search. Could the disappearance of the Senator somehow be related to the rumors of human experimentation? FBI Agent Kate Morgan needs to find out, and fast. But she can’t do it alone, which is why she enlists the help of Parker after convincing him they need to work together. But as they get closer to unlocking the secret behind the illicit research lab, the details of the approaching endgame become eerily apparent. A profound discovery has led to a technology that is unprecedented in the history of mankind…and has the power to change the world as we know it.

The author’s experience as a professional engineer has provided the novel with its realistic backdrop that combines the new and cutting-edge in the fields of medicine, technology, and science. Throughout his engineering career, Grant has had the opportunity to work in several of these facilities which, luckily for us, planted the seeds for the plot of The Singularity Witness. If one was to make a comparison, it is easy to think of the work as similar to the writing of Dan Brown, with its myriad of clues, malevolent conspiracies, and accessible protagonists, all set in a sophisticated academic landscape. Grant, however, gives us something new by forcing the reader to reflect on personal ethical assumptions that they may have taken for granted. What happens when we are confronted by a revolutionary scientific knowledge that has the potential to uncover mankind’s greatest mysteries, but at the cost of innocent human lives? Such questions are the backbone of this original and thought-provoking novel.

The novel’s relevance cannot be underestimated. We live in an era of rapidly evolving technology that threatens to call into question what it means to be human. We may soon be faced with a similar dilemma portrayed in The Singularity Witness, and one can only hope we would have the foresight to do the right thing.

The Singularity Witness by Dan Grant is a page-turning book for all who love intricate thrillers with a stunning ending. I highly recommend this read.

Author Bio:

Dan has always loved the world of stories and intriguing tales, especially suspense and thrillers that weave science, medicine, or technology into the fabric of the drama.

He is a licensed professional engineer with degrees from Northern Arizona University: a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and masters’ in college education and English with an emphasis in creative writing.

His engineering endeavors have provided unique opportunities to work with a variety medical and technological applications, and get behind the scenes at military facilities. Those experiences add threads to conspiracies and form a broader storytelling tapestry.

Dan lives in Colorado, where he’s working on his next thriller, Thirteen Across. And Thomas Parker and Kate Morgan will be back in The Singularity Transfer.

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The Secret Life of Mrs. London: A Novel by Rebecca Rosenberg

Book Summary:

San Francisco, 1915. As America teeters on the brink of world war, Charmian and her husband, famed novelist Jack London, wrestle with genius and desire, politics and marital competitiveness. Charmian longs to be viewed as an equal partner who put her own career on hold to support her husband, but Jack doesn’t see it that way…until Charmian is pulled from the audience during a magic show by escape artist Harry Houdini, a man enmeshed in his own complicated marriage. Suddenly, charmed by the attention Houdini pays her and entranced by his sexual magnetism, Charmian’s eyes open to a world of possibilities that could be her escape.

As Charmian grapples with her urge to explore the forbidden, Jack’s increasingly reckless behavior threatens her dedication. Now torn between two of history’s most mysterious and charismatic figures, she must find the courage to forge her own path, even as she fears the loss of everything she holds dear.

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A Bookaholic Swede Review:

I instantly knew that I wanted to read The Secret Life of Mrs. London from the moment I read the blurb. I just love reading historical fiction about famous persons and I was intrigued by the prospect of reading a book about Jack London, a man that I didn’t know much about. Also, the addition of Harry Houdini to the story made my eagerness to read this book even greater.

I’ve actually been putting off writing this review, you know waiting for the right moment because I was so taken with the story that I needed some breathing pause to be levelheaded to write a review that is just me rambling. To be honest, I’m not sure it helped, but anyway, here we go!

The Secret Life of Mrs. London is about Jack London’s wife Charmain London and in this story we get to follow Charmain story through a period in life when everything around her changes. Her marriage isn’t the easiest and although Jack loves Charmain do one really get a feeling that she is there to take care of Jack businesses, from his writing to the dream house that he’s building. Her own ambition, her own writing is something that she has to just dream about. The Harry Houdini sweeps into her life…

As much as I liked Jack in this book can’t I help, but frankly adore Harry Houdini. The attraction between him and Charmain is palpable. It helps that the writing is top-notch that the characters are so alive, so well-developed that I breathlessly turned every page with the desire to know what happens next, but at the same time didn’t I want the story to end. Yes, I’m gushing, but seriously, this is one book I could easily read again and nowadays I don’t have time to re-read books. Another character I came to like very much is Bess Houdini, she shows up in the book now and then, and just like her famous husband has Bess a strong and vibrant personality. I quite liked her interaction with Charmine.

The Secret Life of Mrs. London is one of the best books I have ever read. It’s a story I will never forget and I can’t wait to see what Rebecca Rosenberg will write next.


Author Bio:

A California native, Rebecca Rosenberg lives on a lavender farm with her family in Sonoma, the Valley of the Moon, where Jack London wrote from his Beauty Ranch. Rebecca is a long-time student of Jack London’s works and an avid fan of his daring wife, Charmian London. The Secret Life of Mrs. London is her debut novel.

Rebecca and her husband, Gary, own the largest lavender product company in America, selling to 4000 resorts, spas and gift stores. Next novel: GOLD DIGGER, the story of Baby Doe Tabor Jan. 2019